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The following are examples of larger quilts I have made. Custom quilts and baby items can be contracted. Contact Judy Wolf at wishbonelane@gmail.com if you have questions or requests.

Another quilt for my niece. She likes pillow covers rather than pillow shams.

This is a wall hanging made for a local church. It is showing the sleeve but when hung at the church, the sleeve would be behind the quilt.


We have a new granddaughter due any day now and these are the crib quilt and bumper, diaper stacker, pillow, and cradle set made for Miss Elly.



This quilt was made from the Harvest Spice fabric from Andover. It is a quilt for my niece that only took me 10 years to get made for her. It was a wedding gift and I did get it to her for her 10th wedding anniversary. There were pillow shams made with the wreaths but I didn't get any pictures of those.


Drunkard's Path Quilt. This quilt was a long time coming. It has been lying in waiting for over a year but the fabric has been waiting a lot longer. This quilt was made for me. The majority of my quilts are made for others but I was so in love with this fabric that I decided this one would be mine. Unfortunately, I don't have any fabric left so this is a one and only. If you like this quilt, it can be made in different fabrics but the design is wonderful. This particular quilt would be considered a lap quilt because of the size but would make a wonderful bed quilt.


King Log Cabin. This quilt was made for our daughter who married 7/7/07. Because of the size, I was unable to photograph on the wall.


This is a signature quilt done in the album block pattern from the Loralie Wedding fabric line. The blocks are the front of the quilt and the brides panel has been used for the backing. This quilt is to be used for guests to sign at the wedding reception of our daughter.


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This is a wall quilt done in a rail fence design with Zebra squares. The Zebras overlap the squares to give a demensional effect. The quilt is quilted in an on point square design with the Zebras outlined in each square.


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This is a twin quilt using the Springs Cars Fabric. It was quilted with an overall design on the top and bottom. The center square was outlined to make the characters pop.

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This is a twin quilt using the Springs Cars Fabric. The top and bottom was quilted with the Beep Beep pantograph by Aimee Simmons. The center square was outlined to make the characters pop.

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This is a twin quilt made with the Best Friends fabric by Mary Engelbreit. Gingham borders were added for contrast. The interior of the quilt was quilted with the Angle Wings pantograph by Jodie Beamish. The borders were quilted with free hand feathers.

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This is a lap or wall  quilt made with The Yehaw fabrics by Maywood Studios. The squares were quilted with cross hatch and the sashing and borders were quilted with a freehand design.

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This is a wall quilt made from the  Fun Chef's fabric by Loralie Designs. Each frame is quilted and the characters are outlined for more distinction.

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This is an Attic Window wall quilt with chicken fabrics from Cranston Quilt Works. Each window is quilted in a straight line and the chickens are outlined in each window. The border was done in a rope design.


This quilt was pieced using the variable star block. The embroidery designs are Undercover Kids from Moorehead Collection 1. Several feather quilting designs were used throughout the quilt to add dimension.



Custom Quilts are available. Email your requested theme and colors and I will provide cost information.

Some quilts are made after ordered, unless Ship Now is showing. All items can be personalized with Name, Date of Birth, Weight, Length.




Email: wishbonelane@gmail.com

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