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Our Boy Baby Quilt

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WLE-103- For that "all boy" there is the Our Boy Quilt-

This particular quilt is made with Green, Yellow, Red, Blue squares with blue sashing. The squares are white fabric trimmed in blue. (Alternative colors and fabric choices are available). I use high loft polyester batting and each square has an additional square of the high loft batting for added puffiness. The white squares are embroidered with individual motifs. The quilt is machine quilted for added durability. This quilt can be personalized or not. (Embroidery designs from Embroidables)   Approximate Size 45 x 55 -  $125.00

Please indicate if the alternative is preferred. In the Choose colors put alternative.





All quilts are made after ordered, unless Ship Now is showing. All items can be personalized with Name, Date of Birth, Weight, Length.





Email: wishbonelane@gmail.com

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