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Country Head To Toe Baby Quilt

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WLE-101- For that little cowboy or cowgirl there is Country Head to Toe Quilt -

This baby quilt is pieced in 2 1/2" squares around the larger embroidered squares. It is machine quilted for added durability. The fabric is a bandana print in red and blue with the squares in off-white. The quilt shown have cowboy motifs but can also be made in cowgirl motifs. I use high loft polyester batting and each square has an added square of the high loft batting for added puffiness. It is all 100% Cotton Fabric (Additional color and fabric choices available).  This makes a darling quilt or wall hanging for that little cowboy or cowgirl's room. (Embroidery designs from Roberta's Creations)   Approximate Size   60 x 60 $150.00

Machine Wash Cold, Machine Dry.






All quilts are made after ordered, unless Ship Now is showing. All items can be personalized with Name, Date of Birth, Weight, Length.


Email: wishbonelane@gmail.com

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