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Birth Announcement Baby Quilt - Boy


WLE-182 -Birth Announcement Baby Quilt-Boy $55.00 + Shipping

Turn the clock back a little to a time when Mothers made very simple quilts to announce the birth of their baby. Here is a train quilt for that new little boy with his name, date of birth, time, and weight. It is made from blue and white gingham. As you can see, this particular quilt was personalized so is just an example of what can be ordered. It has been machine quilted using the Train pantograph by Willow Leaf Studios. The borders were quilted with the baby's name and hearts. This quilt can also be made using the embroidery designs shown under Birth announcements in the Design Catalog. The quilt measures approximately 42" x 52". (Original applique designs from Designs by JuJu)


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