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Baby Items

Welcome to our Baby Items. There is a separate page for Bibs, Burps, and Towels. For those items please click on the link above or at the bottom of the page. We will have Baby Bibs,   Baby shoes, Burp pads, Hooded Towels, Birth Announcement Pillows, Baby Blankets, and much more, for that little one who has stolen your heart.

The items shown are ready to purchase but the list is endless as to what you can get. If you want a custom bib, burp pad, pillow, baby blanket, or hooded towel, email me your request and I will let you know if there are any price changes. For a list of available themes and designs, please email me at wishbonelane@hughes.net.

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Most items shipped Priority mail.

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The Embroidery Bear


WLE - 206 -14" Embroidery Bear - $22.00 + Shipping --This darling little bear can be personalized with the baby's name. It is completely washable and will be a favorite. The bear can be purchased in pink, blue, or brown. Please indicate your color choice and how you want the bear personalized.



The Embroidery Bear and Friends


WLE-207 - The 16" Embroidery Bear and Friends - $26.00 + Shipping -- These darling stuffed animals will make a big impression on that little one. They are completely machine washable and will be a favorite of everyone. Please indicate which animal you prefer as well as now you want it personalized.


Animal Choice


The Embroidery Animal Blanket


WLE-208 - The 20" Embroidery Animal Blanket. $22.00 + Shipping -- Such a cuddly blanket to go with the embroidery animals. These are made from a very soft and cuddly fabric. They are machine washable and can be personalized.


Animal Choice



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WLE-114 - Rainbow Fleece Personalized Baby Blanket. 28x60. Can be stitched together to make a 28x30 blanket (your preference). This particular blanket is self edged (hemmed) but binding is available. Sooooo soft and cuddly for that little one.  Colors and embroidery optional. Can be Monogrammed, personalized with name and date of birth. Please advise when ordering. If you have questions, please email.    $25.00 + Shipping (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Color & Character

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WLE-138 - Fleece Blanket - Fleece front with flannel backing. These blankets can be personalized at no additional charge.Approximately 31 by 37 inches. $25.00 + Shipping (Ship Now) (Fabrics may vary somewhat from picture) When ordering, please indicate theme, design request, name, and date of birth.

Theme & Design
Name, Date of Birth

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WLE-121 - Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Pillow. Green & White Gingham. 14" Pillow. $20.00 + Shipping. (Ship Now)


Color & Theme

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WLE-122 - Birth Announcement Pillow. Specify colors, theme, name, and date of birth. 14" Pillow. $25.00 + Shipping

Color & Theme
Name, Date of Birth

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WLE-134 - Watch Me Grow Chart - Add some whimsy to your childs room with this brightly colored Grow Chart. It has 6 spaces for pictures and whimsical embroidered motifs. Approximately 17 1/2 x 47. The back is in the checks with a rod pocket for hanging. Can be ordered in different colors and motifs.(Designs from Threadsketches) Completely washable. $35.00 + Shipping (Ship Now)

Color and Motif

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WLE-139 - Diaper Covers - Available in Small, Medium, and Large. Please indicate color and wording for back. 100% Cotton (no plastic lining). $12.50 + Shipping (Ship Now)

Color & Wording




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